Beaulieu® created Hollytex main street commercial carpet especially for businesses such as retailers, offices, shops . This durable, versatile brand brings the look, wear-ability, features and style of specified floor covering used in large businesses to small businesses and homes.

BOLYU® Contract is a division of Beaulieu of America which was founded in 1978 and today is one of the largest flooring producers in North America and the world for High end Residential, Commercial broadlooms & Carpet tiles.

Cambridge Commercial® offers various levels of flexibility, functionality and style to meet all of commercial project needs in broadlooms and Performance Carpet tile ranges. is an online carpet design tool that takes customer design requirements to a new level where customers can design their own colors to our hospitality and other select ranges.




Most carpets in the line feature Magic Fresh® odor reducing treatment. Magic Fresh is exclusive to Beaulieu and effectively reduces most common household odors, including those from pets, cooking or smoking. Among the recognitions Bliss has received are the Dealer’s Choice Award, the Award of Excellence and the Styling Excellence Award.

Carpet tiles committed to offering you more advantages and creative solutions. From pioneering new technologies to being the first to utilize forward thinking processes.

Aqua Hospitality  Carpets uses a collaborative approach for creating unique and distinctive products for multiple hospitality settings. From concept to completion, Aqua Hospitality  offers   the expertise needed in all areas of carpet design and manufacturing.